Finished rods available now

Trout Smith's 8'6" 5wt 4pc


Quick recovery and loads in close with ease. These rods flex deep, with a progressive medium fast action. They make perfect dry fly rods, but they perform just as well with small streamers, wets and nymphs.  You'll find these are the go to rods if your looking for a workhorse do it all fly rod.


- Black S glass

- 4 piece

- Down lock seat

- Flor grade cork

- Snake Brand ECO guides

- Alignment dots

- Rod bag and tube included

- Made in USA


Steffen NOS Graphite blanks


As I go trough the boxes of Steffen goods, I am offering several New Old Stock Steffen graphite blanks. These would be from around 1999 - 2000. The blanks are blue with spigot ferrules. All made with 1980's Era American ingenuity. Own a piece of rod making history!


Shipping is $17.95 in USA . If you would like to purchase more than one blank or are outside the USA, please contact me for combined shipping. Discount price on five or more blanks.

** Please note these blanks are vintage, and may have a swoop here or there. I can not offer a warranty , nor returns due to the nature of the product**

Models Available (qty in stock)
- 7'6" 3/4wt 2pc (6)
- 7'9" 2/3wt 2pc (4)

- 8'0" 2/3wt 2pc (4)

- 8'3" 3/4wt 3pc (SOLD)

- 8'6" 3/4wt 3pc (6)

- 9'0" 4/5wt 4pc (SOLD)

- 9'0" 5/6wt 4pc (5)


Ben's of Holland blanks


I finally have a brand new batch of Ben's of Holland S glass blanks ready to ship out.  Translucent yellow s-glass. These are fantastic. Shipping is $17.95 in USA for one or multiple blanks, if buying more than one contact me so I can discount the shipping cost. Blanks are available for USA, and Canada. In Europe please see Bens Fly Rods.

Models Available

- 6'5" 1wt 3pc (651)

- 6'5" 2wt 3pc (652)

- 7'0" 3wt 3pc (703)

- 7'0" 3wt 5pc (7035)

- 7'5" 4wt 4pc (754)

Red Truck Reels

In stock ready to ship. These are outstanding old school click reels. I love them. Here is a YouTube video of more info on these reels. Reels are priced at $249 each. I have 0/2 (3.8oz), 3/4wt (4.4oz) & 5/6wt (4.9oz) all in stock and ready to ship. The 0/2 reel comes with leather reel pouch the 3/4 & 5/6 come with neoprene reel pouch. Shipping is $7.95, I combine shipping if you'd like to purchase more than one reel, please contact me for multiple purchases for a shipping discount... overseas/Canada contact me for shipping quote.
Models Available

- 0/2wt

- 3/4wt

- 5/6wt