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Trout Smith's Trout Spey

Here I have just finished a pair of Trout Spey builds. I am offering the 11'6" 3/4wt Trout Spey & 10'6" 3/4wt short Trout Spey both are 4pc and are built with my Trout Smith's Heritage Carbon tech, that has a classic IM6 feel. These rods cast traditional fly lines perfectly but if you are planning a spey line (275 - 325gr) are a great choice.

- 10'6" 3/4wt 4pc (sold) contact me to order one.
- 11'6" 3/4wt 4pc (11634)
- Walnut wood insert
- Lemke reel seats
- Snake Brand guides
- Titanium stripping guides
- Alignment dots
- Rod bag & tube included
- $595 each shipped in USA
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Blue Halo 7'6" 3wt 4pc

Blue Halo Retroflex with stacked bamboo reel seat, vent grip, and Struble agate stripping guide. Full flex, smooth and packable. 

- 7'6" 3wt 4pc
- Ventilated grip
- Lemke hardware
- Stacked bamboo insert
- Snake Brand guides
- Struble agate stripping guide
- Alignment dots
- Rod bag & tube included
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Trout Smith's E Glass


A wonderful full flexing rod in a deep red unsanded translucent finish. These rods flex deep with a recovery reminiscent of bamboo. Slow down, and enjoy this rod on your next trip. Great all around rods, dries, nymphs, wets.  I set out to build these rods very clean and simple with all cork seats, translucent silk wraps and comfortable flor grade cork grips. I decided to let these wonderful tapers speak for themselves.

Models Available

- 7'0" 2wt 3pc (Sold Out)

- 7'3" 3wt 3pc (733)

- 8'0" 4wt 4pc (804)

- 8'0" 5wt 4pc (805)


Free Shipping Worldwide

Clear red silk wraps
Custom Lemke Reel seats
Struble Red agates
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The 2wt and 3wt rods feature Powell style all cork grips, the 4wt model has a cork slide band with cigar grip, and the 5wt with a down lock seat and cigar grip.


- Uni directional E glass blanks

- My Custom Lemke reel seat hardware

- Flor grade cork

- Snake Brand guides

- Struble agate stripping guides

- Hook keeper

- Wrapped in translucent red silk

- Alignment dots

- Rod bag & tube included


I do offer custom builds on these blanks for $545. Want to change the grip shape? Different seat? Guides? Wrap colors? Full custom rods are available contact me to have one built.

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