New Line Up 


I am currently working on the new line up of rods. The final tapers, & models for our Trout Smiths branded rods.

- Nomad. This series of rods will consist of a blended E & S glass blank in 4 piece for easy travel. A quick, progressive action & very light in hand. 

- 5'11" 1wt & 2wt, 7'0" 3wt, 7'4" 3wt, & 7'4" 4wt.

- Brookie LT. Ultra light Uni E glass rods. Full, progressive flex in 3pc.

- 8'0" 1wt, 8'0" 2wt, & 8'0" 3wt.

- Brute. Fast action, full power progressive rods in short lengths with heavy line weight. Think bass, carp, red fish, Etc. Four piece models.

- 7'6" 7wt,  & 7'6" 8wt.

- Heritage Carbon LL. Yes the LL is for light line. These 3pc rods are the absolute hands down best graphite stick a light line fisher could put in his or her hands. Outstanding and I am excited for these.

- 8'0" 1wt, 8'0" 2wt, & 8'0" 3wt.