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Model 1 reel


A classic raised pillar click reel. The reel features a 3”inch pillar to pillar & has a 3/4in width that holds plenty of backing along with 2-5wt lines! The frame + spool are aircraft grade aluminum along with styled black anodized side plates. Giving the 1 a handsome retro elegance. At 4.9oz the Graywolf 1 balances perfectly on your favorite cane and glass rods. We find the sweet spot to be rods in the 3wt-5wt range. The clicker is medium strength, with a pleasant humzzzzm when seated in after a few fish make it to your hand... Learn more.

heritage black rods


S-glass in a cool black cloth for an unpainted and unsanded finish. These are smooth loading and deceptively powerful rods, as their heritage moniker suggests they are a more traditional Glass action. This means rods that you cast with a relaxed rhythm; they don’t want to be hurried yet will put out a long line when required. They bend deep and protect light tippets while bringing plenty backbone to the fight.


- Available in two options – Bright anodized hardware or Stealth with all black hardware.... More.

Nomad Series


Graywolf’s very own proprietary shop made travel blanks. These blanks are unique in the sense that I’ve blended both woven E glass, & Unidirectional S glass into this series to not only make the blank, light in hand responsive, fun, yet extremely strong, with added lifting power and reinforced ferrules... More.

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