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Classic styling to outfit your finest cane and glass rods. Don’t let the value price fool you. The Graywolf Model 1 is skillfully crafted, high quality, classic fly reel, at a price point that you won’t be afraid to fish. 


The frame + spool are aircraft grade aluminum along with styled black anodized side plates. Giving the model 1 a handsome retro elegance. At 4.9oz the Graywolf Model 1 balances perfectly on your favorite cane and glass rods. We find the sweet spot to be rods in the 2wt-4wt range. The clicker is medium strength. The directional winding bias is neutral, meaning that left or right hand wind out of the box.


- Stainless steel screws with brass internal parts.
- Medium clicker strength  
- Aluminum pillars + frame + spool
- 2.5” inch diameter spool
- 3" pillar to pillar
- 3/4” inch width spool
- 4.9OZ
- Recommended 2 to 4wt lines


Crafted from domestic and foreign materials assembled in Michigan.

Graywolf Model 1 Raised Pillar Reel

$124.99 Regular Price
$109.99Sale Price

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