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Graywolf’s very own proprietary shop made travel blanks. These blanks are unique in the sense that I’ve blended both woven E glass, & Unidirectional S glass into this series to not only make the blank, light in hand responsive, fun, yet extremely strong, with added lifting power and reinforced ferrules.


5’11” 2wt 4pc: This is 2wt territory where the perfect small stream rod is up for all sorts of off-axis and roll style casts up to 30ft; in tight brushy surroundings. The 5’11” Nomad provides an amazingly smooth, crisp, controlled action with pin-point precision. It’s progressive taper is very easy to dial into and you will find it is ideal for putting dries in a teacup and even pitching nymphs into tiny pockets. The 2wt provides a surprising amount of backbone and can deal with the occasional small stream surprise. The joy you can find in those wee fish is the perfect antidote to the Bigger, better, faster, more mantra that is so often reinforced in our modern world. 4pc means it packs into a 20” tube so can be loaded into any rucksack, perfect for the stunning wee burn that you find while hiking through the hills, or squirreled away for an hour or two’s sanity during the family holiday. Paired up with a DT2 line, this kind of fishing can become compellingly addictive.


7’0” 3wt:  On smaller, intimate waters where you are close to the fish, the Nomad 7ft 3wt brings you the ideal rod to present a classic unweighted nymph or dryfly. Another smooth progressive taper, this super light Glass blank becomes an extension of your arm and feels like it casts by telepathy. Although a close-range specialist, it can reach out to the rising fish from a greater distance with a smoothly applied casting stroke in the right conditions.


The 7’4” 4wt gives you the same delicacy with the extra length and the stability you might need for casting dries or single nymphs at medium ranges. In the 3wt size this is the sweetest dedicated dry fly rod you will cast in any material. Crisp, light, very smooth and laser accurate. On those windier days, larger Streams or if targeting a 20” fish, stepping up to a 4wt is a game changer, bending deeper, you feel more of the power in reserve and get an enhanced ability to turn over larger flies. Very versatile and huge amounts of fun.


7’10” 5wt. This smooth, powerful 5wt all-rounder will deal with most weather conditions, streamers, double nymphs as well as being optimized for dry fly presentations. Great fun on any size of river, giving you the edge on those larger waters where you may need to cover a bit more water, more than capable of dealing with any fish you might come across.


All models are 4pc.

Graywolf Nomad Series Blanks

$259.00 Regular Price
$129.50Sale Price
  • ROD TUBE/BAG sold separately.  Here.

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