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A brand new McFarland Tailwind 9'0" 6wt 4pc fly rod ready to ship out.  


The Tailwind features a highly refined fast recovering, yet deep flexing action that is unlike any other rod available. The Tailwind is remarkably light in the hand (71 grams for the 5wt), quick loading and powerful (loads at 10 feet but will throw 80 feet plus with ease) and has unmatched line feel. The Tailwind is such a revolutionary rod that when people first cast it they often say something like, “That’s a really nice medium action rod, but I need a faster action to build line speed and cast distance”. Then, as they stretch out more line, their faces light up as they feel the rod respond perfectly, continue to push line and build line speed, and easily make longer casts than they ever have before….AND WITH LESS EFFORT!


The key to the Tailwind’s revolutionary performance is a highly evolved graphite pre-preg coupled with a radical approach to taper design. Additionally, the McFarland Transition Ferrule System eliminates dead spots through the ferrules. The result is a combination of line feel, lightness, and line speed never before experienced. Since its debut a few years ago, the Tailwind has been an instant favorite of experienced guides and flyfishers worldwide. In addition to superior performance, the Tailwind’s finish work, cork, and presentation grade components far exceed anything available on a production rod.

McFarland Tailwind 6wt Fly Rod

  • Discount CODES do not apply to this item

    - 9'0" 6wt 4pc
    - Western Cork grip
    - Maple reel seat insert
    - Up locking reel seat
    - Alignment dots
    - Rod bag & tube included in price

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